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Creatine Creakong CX8 Mutant, 30 servings
  • Creatine Creakong CX8 Mutant, 30 servings
  • Creatine Creakong CX8 Mutant, 30 servings

Creatine Creakong CX8 Mutant, 30 servings

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Mutant's Creatine Creakong CX8 carries three of the best types of creatine in one product:

  • Creapure® creatine monohydrate
  • MagnaPower® creatine with magnesium
  • tri-creatine citrate
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The three best types of creatine in one product. Forget the annoying loading phases because MUTANT CREAKONG CX8 contains creatine monohydrate, creatine with magnesium and tri-creatine citrate + a creatine synthesis matrix and BCAAs that help the assimilation in the body to be more effective and require smaller amounts of services to achieve the best results in training.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of creatine for better performance in all types of cardiovascular and power exercise. Creatine is responsible for maintaining and replenishing the energy needed in the body for training, it also prevents rapid exhaustion by protecting muscles from glycogen and protein depletion.

Creakong CX8 formula is enhanced with 4 grams of BCAA (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine) and a creatine synthesis matrix (Glycine, Arginine, Methionine) and Taurine.  This unique combination of nutrients promotes the promotion of creatine and ATP (energy) to increase protein synthesis and muscle tissue.

Main benefits of CreaKong CX8 by Mutant:

  • Helps build muscle mass and increase strength.
  • Contains the 3 best creatines supported by scientific studies that support their efficacy.
  • With Branched Chain Amino Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • With Taurine
  • With Creatine Synthesis Matrix (Glycine, Arginine, Methionine)
  • 30 servings per container

How to use Mutant Creakong CX8:

Mix 8.3 grams (1 scoop) in 200 ml. Of water about 20 - 30 minutes before each workout.

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