Isotonic drink, Iso Active, 1 serving, Activlab
  • Isotonic drink, Iso Active, 1 serving, Activlab
  • Isotonic drink, Iso Active, 1 serving, Activlab

Isotonic drink, Iso Active, 1 serving, Activlab

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  • Perfect composition of electrolytes and mineral elements.
  • Contains the optimal dose of carbohydrates and B vitamins.
  • Helps maintain an adequate level of endurance during exercise.
  • Replenishes water and electrolyte deficiency in the body.
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Isoactive from Activlab is an isotonic drink with an optimal composition of electrolytes, mineral elements, carbohydrates and B vitamins.

Isoactive perfectly complements water deficiency in the body by providing all the electrolytes necessary for proper functioning, i.e. potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Electrolytes exist in the body in the form of positive or negative ions. They perform many different functions, such as:

  • Calcium: builds strong, healthy bones and teeth, regulates blood clotting;
  • Potassium: takes care of the body's water-electrolyte and acid-base balance;
  • Sodium: proper functioning of the nervous system, allowing the absorption of necessary nutrients (e.g. glucose), regulation of muscle tonus;
  • Magnesium: protection of the body's immune system, proper functioning of the neuromuscular system.

Isoactive also contains the optimal dose of B vitamins, which help maintain proper energy metabolism.

20 servings per jar.

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