Muscletech Vapor X5NextGen
  • Muscletech Vapor X5NextGen

Muscletech Vapor X5NextGen

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Vapor X5NextGen from Muscletech is a pre-workout supplement designed for athletes who want to improve their physical performance, since when consuming the first service they will notice the benefits of this fabulous supplement which not only increases the performance and physical performance of the athlete but also greatly increases energy.

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Benefits of Muscletech Vapor X5 Next Gen:

  • Increases your energy and your concentration, thanks to the right amount of caffeine and Galangal extract (extracted from the stem and root of Alpinia Officinarum, a Southeast Asian plant) that allows the increase of energy without any waste helping you in the most demanding training sessions, as well as improving your concentration and increasing your sensory activity.
  • Promotes the creation of muscle mass, thanks to its scientifically proven ingredients (betaine and creatine) that increase your muscles in a safe and effective way while avoiding muscle catabolism.
  • Improves endurance and physical performance
  • Increases muscle performance.

In order to improve your performance in training sessions, Vapor X5 Next Gen by Muscletech includes beta-alanine and taurine as ingredients which increase your performance in training and amplify the dose of Nitric Oxide; this allows you to perform your intense workouts with greater comfort since nitric oxide is a vasodilator and thus allows a better blood flow and consequently more nutrients reach the muscles helping to release all your strength in each exercise, all this thanks to the help of Nitrosigine.

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