The Shadow - JNX Sports - Preworkout
  • The Shadow - JNX Sports - Preworkout

The Shadow - JNX Sports - Preworkout

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The highest intensity and mental focus you have ever achieved. Very powerful, intended for experienced athletes only.

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The Shadow! by JNX Sports is the new pre-workout supplement in powder and concentrate designed in the USA to provide you with the greatest mental focus you have ever achieved with a pre-workout.

It is a very powerful product intended only for very experienced athletes, not at all recommended for beginners.

Its composition consists of 8 powerful ingredients in their most effective doses that you can clearly see on its label. What differentiates this supplement from the rest is the high dosage of the key compounds that make up its formula. We are referring to beta-alanine, taurine, leucine, L-citrulline, caffeine anhydrous, L-tyrosine and olive leaf extract (40% oleuropein).

Just one scoop of The Shadow! is more than enough to take you into a completely different training zone than you've ever experienced before. The Shadow! will take you to absolute mental focus, powerful muscle pumping and wild workout intensity. Unleash the power within you.... The Shadow! will take you further than you've ever been before.

Key benefits of The Shadow! by JNX Sports:

  • Provides absolute mental focus, unique until now.
  • Achieves powerful muscle pumps and wild workout intensity.
  • Provides extreme energy and muscle strength.
  • Maximizes nitric oxide production.  
  • One serving is enough for extreme stimulation.
  • Contains the most effective doses of the best scientifically proven ingredients.
  • No banned substances or filler carbohydrates. 
  • 30 servings per container.
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