Naughty Boy Menace - Preworkout
  • Naughty Boy Menace - Preworkout
  • Naughty Boy Menace - Preworkout

Naughty Boy Menace - Preworkout

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Effective pre-workout formula that promotes energy and mental focus, supports muscle pumps and enhanced performance.

Vegan formula.


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  • Promotes energy and mental focus
  • Supports enhanced muscle pumps
  • Helps improve athletic performance

Menace is a fully transparent all-round pre-workout that has been designed to cover all areas of a workout, including increased energy and mental focus, as well as enhanced pumps and performance.

The main ingredients are citrulline and GlycerSize glycerol which enhance vasodilation and improve blood circulation, thus, promoting muscle pumps that will last throughout the entire workout.

Furthermore, the formula supplies tyrosine alongside AlphaZone (alpha-GPC) for extreme focus, as well as beta-alanine to help buffer lactic acid and improve your endurance during those last few reps. The combination of caffeine and other effective stimulants will give you a powerful energy boost and support both mental and physical performance.

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