Moonstruck Zero II Stim Free Preworkout, Zoomad Labs Palma de Mallorca
  • Moonstruck Zero II Stim Free Preworkout, Zoomad Labs Palma de Mallorca
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Moonstruck Zero II Stim Free Preworkout, Zoomad Labs

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This is the new and improved formulat of the already famous Moonstruck® ZERO pre-workout from Zoomad Labs

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Formulated to improve trainings without sacrificing sleep and rest, Moonstruck® ZERO II is a pre-workout with effective doses of it's ingredients to:

  • provide better blood flow
  • improve strength
  • power in every workout

, without interfering with the very important post-workout rest.

Moonstruck® ZERO II contains plant extracts enriched with beet and grape nitrates, Gorilla Pump complex with 13g of nitric oxide with proven vasodilation potency and effective doses of each ingredient.

Nox Extract Complex 2g:

A fundamental complex in the new gorilla, according to the latest scientific studies, plant extracts enriched with nitrates are the new “Alpha” ingredients in pre-workouts for their vasodilator and antioxidant effects.

Veins and congestion.  Enriched beet and grape extracts, providing an arterial and muscular oxygenation during exercise never seen before… and the benefit is cumulative, improving with the passing of the days by supplementing with Moonstruck® ZERO II.

Gorilla Pump Complex 13 gr:

Citrulline, Beta-alanine, AAKG and L-Arginine, 13g acting in synergy with the same goal, that your muscles feel the most extreme pump you’ve ever gotten training.

Levels of carnosine and nitric oxide never seen with the contribution of a single scoop.

More explosive strength, power and endurance, more intense and more effective workouts.

The synergy of the 4 ingredients increase muscle energy stores/ATP, in addition to stimulating growth hormone secretion, which in turn will facilitate muscle development and recovery.

Moonstruck® ZERO II provides tested and effective doses for vasodilation, endurance, hypertrophy and concentration, you will see the effects of the gorilla from the first scoop.

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