Barrita Mars Hi-Protein
  • Barrita Mars Hi-Protein

Barrita Mars Hi-Protein

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Guilt-free sweetness!

Mars Hi Protein Bar by Mars is a bar with high protein content (20g, equivalent to a milkshake!), caramel and milk chocolate and salted caramel. 

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Barrita designed to give you a peak of energy when you need it most, in addition to satisfy your craving for something sweet, while providing you with protein to face your workout.

Composed of a blend of proteins that provide the necessary stimulus for muscle growth:

Soy protein isolate: vegetable protein source from soybeans, which is characterized by its qualities in terms of muscle gain and overall health.

Milk protein isolate: milk protein isolate is obtained after a milk filtering process where the aim is to obtain the protein in its purest form, resulting in a product with around 90-95% protein, to eliminate part of the lactose, carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol.

Whey protein concentrate: whey protein concentrate is the first product obtained by processing whey. It is a supplement characterized by its high protein content and its suitability for muscle growth or body weight maintenance phases.

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