BCAA+Glutamine ZERO
  • BCAA+Glutamine ZERO

BCAA+Glutamine ZERO

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BCAA or glutamine?

The eternal question is no longer open to discussion, since the answer is both! 

Its supplementation can be a practical way before, during and after high intensity and prolonged workouts, as a large percentage of solid muscle mass is formed thanks to BCAA (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and glutamine (in cooperation with other amino acids).

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Using the BioTechUSA BCAA + Glutamine Zero product, you can use a supplement in an easy and practical way. Don't stay halfway, give your muscles extra energy!

Per serving (12 g):

  • 5000 mg L-glutamine
  • 5000 mg BCAA
  • Of which:
  • L-Leucine: 2500 mg
  • L-Isoleucine: 1250 mg
  • L-valine: 1250 mg

How, when and for whom?

  • For both men and women.
  • Before, during and after high intensity training.
  • For you, if you prefer flavored drink powders to pills and capsules.

Why do we need amino acids and why do we need BCAAs?

Proteins among others are the main building blocks of living cells, amino acids build building blocks of proteins. Certain amino acids, for example BCAAs cannot be produced by the human body. Therefore, we need to acquire valuable materials essential for the body from external sources. One of the most practical methods for this intake is to use powdered drinks containing BCAAs.

What is glutamine?

It is an essential amino acid that can also be produced in the human body. In addition, glutamine supplementation can be very practical in certain circumstances, for example during high intensity and prolonged workouts. During these workouts the body's requirements are greater than the body's ability to produce them.

Like all BioTechUSA products, BCAA + Glutamine Zero consists of carefully selected ingredients.

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