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Sterol Complex - Universal Nutrition

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Natural Sterol Complex, an anabolic supplement based on plant sterols, is the potent yet natural alternative that bodybuilders have been looking for. 


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Natural Sterol Complex, an anabolic supplement based on plant sterols, is a potent yet natural alternative. And we have great news for you. It is now new and improved, making it even more potent than before. A number of distinctive and potent components make up the top-selling Natural Sterol Complex formula: natural anabolic plant sterols, a dense herbal mass blend, a specialized phytonutrient blend, essential fatty acids (EFAs), antioxidants, leaf, detoxifiers, and finally rounded out by a complete muscle protection blend. All together, you get over 8500 mg of ultra-concentrated anabolic support for your bodybuilding efforts.

These components guarantee that Natural Sterol Complex will have you getting bigger and harder in a short period of time. The select formula of plant sterols contained in each bottle is what makes Natural Sterol Complex so unique among bodybuilding supplements. These sterols can exert potent anabolic effects for muscle growth. The benefits of sterols don't stop there.

With Natural Sterol Complex, you get a complete blend of sterols, including fucosterol, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, and other sterols blended for maximum results. Natural Sterol Complex is a time-tested and proven natural anabolic alternative that works. For nearly twenty years, Natural Sterol Complex has been the leading drug-free, legal, natural anabolic supplement. Discover why Natural Sterol has been the leading sterol formula for so many years.

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