Vitamin D3 2000 IU, 90 capsules, 3Flow Solutions
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU, 90 capsules, 3Flow Solutions

Vitamin D3 2000 IU, 90 capsules, 3Flow Solutions

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  • Supports healthy bones and teeth.
  • Supports immunity
  • Up to 2000 units of active substances
  • 90 days of supplementation
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Vitamin D3 supports your body

Vitamin D3 2000 IU from 3Flow Solutions is a high quality vitamin D3 dissolved in safflower oil, which will effectively support immunity and have a positive effect on bone and teeth health. One capsule contains up to 50 µg of active substance, so the product fully covers the daily requirement of vitamin D3. The 3Flow Solutions supplement is the perfect solution for people who value their good health.

Vitamin D3 supports immunity, but that is not the only role it plays in the human body. It also helps maintain healthy bones and teeth and supports the proper functioning of muscles. Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on calcium and phosphorus absorption and is involved in the process of cell division. 

We try to take care of our own health and that of our loved ones, but we do not always succeed. Especially the autumn and winter periods cause us problems, when the temperature drops outside the window, we often go from heated to cold rooms, and the sun enjoys us with its light for a very short time. At such times, it is worth thinking about proper supplementation, paying special attention to vitamin D3, which we also call "sunshine vitamin". The name came about for a reason, our body produces vitamin D3 as a result of solar radiation, which can be lacking during the winter season.

Vitamin D3 is also an antioxidant. It dissolves perfectly in fats, so it often comes in the form of convenient capsules with liquid content.

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