Mass Tech 3.2 kg de Muscletech Weight Gainer
  • Mass Tech 3.2 kg de Muscletech Weight Gainer

Mass Tech 3.2 kg de Muscletech Weight Gainer

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  • More than 1000 Kcal per serving (serving: 230g).
  • 80g proteins per serving.
  • 156g of carbohydrates.
  • Low sugar content.
  • 7g fat per serving.
  • 10g of Creatine Monohydrate.
  • 14g of glutamine per serving.
  • 17g of BCAAs per serving.
  • 8g of Leucine.
  • With added digestive enzymes.
  • 3200g per container.
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Advanced muscle mass gainer.

Mass Tech Performance Series from Muscletech is a weight gainer with a high content of different nutrients intended for rapid weight gain. It is the perfect choice for those who want to gain weight as quickly and efficiently as possible, while improving their muscular strength and power.

Each dose of Mass Tech Performance Series provides an incredible 1000 kcal, with 80 grams of protein to support maximum protein synthesis, along with 156 grams of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores and ensure that the muscle has enough energy to grow.

Main effects:

  • Provides high-quality protein to maintain muscle mass by preventing catabolism.
  • It contributes to cover the daily requirements of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Accelerates recovery after training, reduces catabolism and promotes the recovery of glycogen stores.
  • It stimulates anabolism, promotes protein synthesis and muscle development.

Mass Tech Performance Series. The science behind:

Mass Tech Performance Series is a high-energy weight gainer, since each dose provides more than 1000 kcal, with the aim of achieving rapid and visible gains in weight and muscle mass. It is especially indicated for individuals with a high weight but who want to increase their weight even more or as an aid to maintain a high body volume. Its high doses of energy come especially from carbohydrates, but also from good quality proteins and fats.

Mass Tech Performance Series provides high doses of carbohydrates within a proprietary blend called Multi-phase Carb Blend, this mixture is made up of polymers of glucose, isomaltulose, and Modcarb™ (oat bran, quinoa, buckwheat and millet).

It also has a high protein content from different sources such as whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumin, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and even amino acids such as L-glutamine, L- leucine and L-valine. As they are different types of proteins, a sequential absorption is allowed, with a longer delivery period, which allows their action to be prolonged for a longer time.

Mass Tech Performance Series presents proteins of very rapid assimilation such as whey hydrolysates, presents proteins of rapid assimilation such as whey protein isolates and concentrates, and provides proteins of slow assimilation such as calcium caseinates or egg albumin.

Mass Tech Performance Series provides effective doses of creatine that helps increase the energy available within the muscle cell, delays fatigue, reduces cell damage, improves recovery, increases the diameter of muscle fibers, while helping to increase performance and strength. It has also been enriched in amino acids of great importance for muscle building such as L-glutamine and amino acids that are part of the BCAAs such as L-isoleucine and L-valine.

To complete its composition, Mass Tech Performance Series contains minerals of special importance to the human body, such as calcium and iron, as well as digestive enzymes such as papain and amylase that facilitate digestion and use of the product.

Main objectives:

Muscle development.

Mass Tech Performance Series is indicated for:

Anyone who wants to add calories from quality ingredients to their diet to increase their muscle mass and increase their weight.

Athletes of strength and power in high weight categories and who still want to increase their muscle mass and weight, but it can also be used by individuals with a smaller body volume, as long as they adjust the amount of product to their needs or distribute the intakes at different times. of the day

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